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Security and Workplace Health Management System (SST)

TAGSA (Terminal Aeroportuaria de Guayaquil S.A.), concessionaire fo the Airport of Guayaquil, through qualified personnel performs inspections in all airport areas in order to prevent risk factors that could lead to accidents or health issues in the staff, as part of the airport's Security and Health Management System, established according to law.

Members of the Health and Safety Committee maintain constant security and health education and training, an important resource in enforcing prevention rules for airport work activity.

Environmental Management System

TAGSA, in compliance with the environmental legal framework and after performing the relevant environmental studies, implemented the Environmental Management Plan in order to prevent, control and mitigate whatever issue our daily operations may cause.

Part of TAGSA's commitment is to train and cause awareness to airport personnel, subcontractors and subconcessionaires for them to get involved and participate in various activities that benefit the environment. Currently we are in the process of obtaining José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport's Environmental Licensing, with TAGSA's commitment to comply with current environmental legal frameworks: Environment Managament Law, Ministry of Environment's Unified Text of Secondary Legislation, and Environmental Technical Norms for Environmental Contamination Prevention and Control for areas of Infrastructure: Electric, Telecommunications and Transportation (Ports and Airports).

Environmental Policy

TAGSA, manager of Guayaquil's International Airport - José Joaquín de Olmedo, committed together with society to the protection of the environment, maintains a culture of environmental pollution prevention in accordance to Ecuadorean laws, and promotes a permanent reduction of greenhouse effect gases, aimed at caring and protecting our environment and sustainable development, assigning the necessary resources and means in order to properly and permanently revise and improve all of its processes and activities.

To fulfill this, it establishes the following principles:

The senior management and management of TAGSA are committed to guarantee the means and resources necessary to achieve the objectives of the present policy of protection of the environment.

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