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Is there an airport fee (international flight tax) that I need to pay?

In order to provide a better service to passengers, the International Departure Tax value is included in the ticket.

How can I check flight schedules?

Information concerning arrivals and departures is provided by airlines. You can access this information by directly contacting the airline, in the Airport of Guayaquil's website or by contacting our Customer Service Center, 24 hours a day at +593 (4) 216-9000. You can find also find this information in screens located throughout the terminal.

If I want to travel to the Galapagos Islands, do I need to perform any additional steps?

Besides standar airline requirements, after checking-in, you must visit the island authority's offices located in the center of the terminal's second floor, present your ID card or passpoewr, and pay a $20 tax. Before or after this step your baggage must be checked in the SICGAL located there as well.

Galapagos control Galapagos control

Once both of this steps have been completed, you can proceed to board your plane.

Is there any foreign exchange outflow tax? Where can I pay it?

The Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI) imposes a 5% tax if you travel outside of the country carrying an amount greater than $1.275 US dollars.

El impuesto puede pagarlo en los bancos designados por el SRI. You can also pay this tax in the Duty Free store located right after Immigration Control. For more information you can visit the SRI's website.

Who do I contact in case of baggage loss?

If your baggage or personal effects are lost during your flight you must contact your airline. If it was lost inside the airport terminal you can communicate with the Security Department of the Airport, during office hours at +593 (4) 2169169 ext 1148.

How do I know if I have excess baggage?

Baggage management and restrictions are policies established by each airline and are subject to change. You can contact your airline for further information.

How do I handle baggage within the airport?

The Airport of Guayaquil has special carts available to take your bags and other belongings. The carts cannot be used in stairwells or to transport children. You can find them in the following locations:

  • ▸Both ground floor entrances, National Arrivals and International Arrivals.
  • ▸Both second floor entrances, National Departures and International Departures.
  • ▸National Arrivals, luggage belts.
  • ▸International Arrivals, luggage belts.

Cart use is free inside the Terminal. There's a $2 cost for use of the carts in the International Arrivals area, as well for taking the carts to the parking lot.

Where do I obtain information on how to travel with my pet?

The Ecuadorian Agriculture and Livestock Health Service (AGROCALIDAD) is in charge of regulating the transportation of live animals from the Airport of Guayaquil. Their offices are located on the ground floor, next to the gate for domestic arrivals. Their phone number is +593 (4) 216-9174. Business hours are Mondays to Sundays, 08:00 to 17:00. Find out more at Agrocalidad's website.

Agrocalidad Agrocalidad
Where could I find a Foreign Exchange Bureau?

For your convenience the airport has Global Exchange posts that serve passengers arriving from international flights as well as the general public in two offices, one in each floor of the Terminal. This post offers exchange between US dollars and currencies like Euros, Pounds, Pesos from Mexico-Chile-Colombia-Argentina. For more information please visit Global Exchange's website.

Global Exchange Global Exchange
How much is parking? Can I leave my car for more than one day?

The Airport of Guayaquil has parking service. The cost is $1.20 per hour or fraction. The first 15 minutes are free. You can park your car for more than 12 hours, at which point the value will then be $14,40 per day.

Where can I rent a vehicle?

We have several car rental service businesses. For your convenience, they're located on the ground floor, next to both domestic and international arrival areas.

¿Are there authorized taxis in the airport?

Authorized taxi services is available 24 hours and located right outside the arrival hall doors (both domestic and international). If you wish to contact them, you can do so by calling to +593 (4) 2169141, 2169142; +593 (9) 82982787, 60155142.

Authorized taxis awaiting passengers.
Do I need a vaccine against the Yellow Fever to enter Ecuador?

Ecuador does not require this vaccination to enter the country.

Can I know if a passenger boarded a flight?

For safety reasons, airlines do not make their passenger lists public. The Airport of Guayaquil provides flight information, but does not have information regarding flight passengers.

Which documents are needed to fly domestic inside Ecuador?

All you need is your valid ID card, passport or driver's license.

Which documents are needed to travel with a minor?

The Airport of Guayaquil offers the contact information of Ecuador's Immigration services, who can help you with information on this subject. You can call them at +593 (2) 395-4200 ext 2329, +593 (2) 227-6394, as well as visit their website.

Can you tell me the items I can bring to Ecuador and how much tax would I have to pay?

This information is provided by Ecuador's National Customs Service, a branch of the State. Their contact information is:

Is the airport open 24/7?

The Airport of Guayaquil is open to its user 24/7. However, our many stores and services each have their own business hours.

Do I need to go to the Airport with a lot of time to spare before my flight?

We recommend you check-in at least 1 hour before your domestic flight, and at least 3 hours before your international flight. This way you can avoid unforeseen delays that could cause you to miss your flight.

How can I claim an item purchased at the Duty Free store?

To claim an item purchased previously at a Duty Free store, you can call +593 (4) 2169025 or +593 (9) 94470311; you can also write an email to

Which airlines have ticket sale points inside the airport?

Inside the terminal you can find ticket sale points for airlines such as Avianca, Latam, Equair and AirEuropa. Their business hours can be found at the corresponding pages: domestic airlines and international airlines. In these documents you can also find information for airlines that have ticket sale points elsewhere in the city.

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